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Daniel Craig Pierce Brosnan Sean Connery

So I don’t like to sully this site with dudes, but since I have to it may as well be a cool one like Bond vs. Bond vs. Bond. I wanted to use this pic for Sean Connery, but I didn’t have the heart to ruin the reputation of not only a Bond, but also the dad of Indiana Jones. Yes I have a conscious. I never really got the appeal of Brosnan until I saw him in Mrs. Doubtfire. Just like Sally Field in her trailer between scenes, I got it. Daniel Craig had to be on steroids for his first role as one of the best characters ever. Reports that he beat the hell out of Dame Judi Dench for messing up her lines only served to fuel the fires of that rumor. Now if you will excuse me, I have to go be sued by half the people I mentioned in this post. (Just kidding, I’m not important enough).


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