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Lets Talk Sex!

We were playing Never Have I Ever the other day and it got me wondering what is ‘normal’? I ended up drinking the most and was labeled by the girls in the room as being a bit of a slut. I decided to take some of the best questions and put them into a poll. Click the questions that apply to you and then match that up to the key below. We look forward to finding out how depraved our viewers are.

1-4: Congrats, you would have been ranked pure if you hadn’t answered yes to that one question.

5-8: You are a whore in training. I sense great ability within you. Keep at it.

9-12: You could be doing more. An unprotected threesome resulting in a STD could really put you over the top.

13-15: You are a whore. I am taking a shower right now just because you were on my site.


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