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Dimensions- Part I

Okay, so we are going to have three straight polls with women who have either a great ass, a great set or both. After everybody has enough time to vote, I will take the three who were killed the least in their respective polls and put them together in a T&A showdown, for lack of a more chauvinistic term. You win either way, which is kind of the point. If you are a chick and
Random Ladies

No pattern here, so don't look for one. I used to have a major crush on Elisabeth Shue. She has that look of the girl you think you can get, but can't. There is a surprising amount of girls who have had that look in my life. Come to think of it, I really don't know any other type of look. This sure took a turn towards depressing. Time to hit the bottle. ~M Bai Ling Elisabeth Shue Fergie [polldaddy
We have a dark horse in this one

Leslie Bibb is just naturally hot, which is refreshing. You could put her up against a woman with a great set of eyes boobs and I think she could still win.  I guess we will find out if that's true because Holly Valance looks amazing and Amanda Peet shows her goods in half the movies she's ever been in. I guess we'll see just how superficial you people really are.  If you were getting Amanda
Oldies but goodies

Jeri Ryan is hot. She's so hot that I could just ignore the other two. That is pretty significant considering Perry Reeves is in ridiculous shape and Denise Richards is...actually she had way too much sex with Charlie Sheen for her to be viable. That dude was known for having an affinity for prostitutes. Really think about that sentence. So this kinda sorted itself out actually. Jerry Ryan is a goddess and Denise Richards is
Who had the worst hero movie?

To quantify the heading, I don't blame these guys for their awful superhero films. I want to blame Affleck for his Boston fandom, but Chasing Amy is such a good movie he gets a pass. Also, nobody cares what I have to say. Back to the point, whoever made X-Men III and Spiderman III should be put in a locked room with a coked out Kathy Griffin. Those movies abandoned the entire comic/cartoon storyline and