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Two chicks and Susan Ward

Susan Ward was in Shallow Hal and some Poison Ivy sequel and...who really cares? She is obscenely hot and I found two girls to sacrifice to die in a poll so as to have an excuse to post her picture. Shallow Hal was a smart movie though, at least through the first 5 minutes where Hal's dad says to just chase beauty or something. I shut the movie off after that because Tony Robbins scares
How do women not run the planet?

I don't get it. Being the wiseass witty and confident guy that I am, I'm fairly immune to doing what a girl says just because she is hot. That is of course a lie. If any of these chicks told me to run into oncoming traffic while wearing what they are in these pics, you'd probably mistake me for Usain Bolt. Why haven't women parlayed this into global domination? Forget the hags that fill governments;
Women always list ’sense of humor’…

Jason Segel Paul Rudd Seth Rogen [polldaddy poll=2039126] [polldaddy poll=2039130] [polldaddy poll=2039135] being so damn important. Well put up or shut up. These guys are so damn funny I'd sleep with them if I wasn't the quintessential heterosexual. Paul Rudd could tell me that an orphanage and a puppy factory (?) both just went up in flames and I would probably laugh. He'd be a sick bastard for delivering that news to a complete stranger in such a manner, but
Gisele gets the axe…

Gisele Bundchen Heidi Klum Marisa Miller [polldaddy poll=2035763] [polldaddy poll=2035771] [polldaddy poll=2035773] least with the other two in the poll. I mean I get that she is attractive, but the other two are 11's and have hotter pics. Gisele wouldn't care about being last anyway. She is focusing all of her attention on her new baby that she is having with Tom Brady. (If you have watched the Patriots lately, you'd see that Tom Brady's attention is elsewhere too. Go
I should just quit after this one…

Charisma Carpenter Monica Bellucci Scarlett Johansson [polldaddy poll=2035631] [polldaddy poll=2035634] [polldaddy poll=2035638] I am sorry to do this to you. These pictures are just unfair to you regular looking people. Imagine being the guy who got with these chicks right before they hit it big? Like the High School BMOC who was dating them and then cheated with some chick who is now working at the local nail shop. I guess he still wins because he got to have rough sex