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Girls in Completely Unnatural Poses

I think I've seen one of these women before in my life, and I could really care less about what any of them do. I would sleep with Keeley Hazell if she had a bear trap between her legs. The one I do know is Cameron Richardson and, while she is obviously easy on the eyes, she was in Open Water II so I would kill her. I say that because I actually watched the

None of us like it but I am fairly sure the most religious viewers of this site are a few girls so here you go. I hope you enjoy objectifying these men as nothing more then pieces of meat for you to ogle. On a completely different topic, I'd like to give an official BMK Thumbs Up (patent pending) to Chris Rock for what he said on Leno's 'new' show the other day. He basically
Dimensions- Finale

Ok, so here is the final with the three previous poll winners. I think this is a really solid finale because you have two favorites and Nadine as the Cinderella story. Cinderella if she was insanely hot with an amazing ass, but you get the point. I struggled more with who I would marry then anything else. Gemma Atkinson is my self-proclaimed future wife, but Emmanuelle Chriqui is stunning. That said, I will now be
Dimensions- Part III

I feel like I really failed in this one because I could not find a picture of Emmanuelle Chriqui that did her justice. She is almost too beautiful. You know her from Entourage; I know her from being the woman I always envisioned carrying over a threshold. Short of her having a Forrest Gump type IQ or similar anatomy to me, I don't think there is anything she could ever do to make me not
Dimensions- Part II

Same thing: Girl 'killed' the least moves on against the winners of the other two 'Dimensions' polls. This one is clearly unfair to Malin because guys see cleavage and become babbling idiots. Gemma is one of the hottest women on the planet and Somaya Reece is every guys fantasy in the world who doesn't love musical theater. I think you should give Malin a chance because.....haha, who am I kidding? That bitch is dead. Stay