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Hardest pole ever…and these three make the questions difficult too

megan-fox-hot gemma-atkinson Kelly-Brook7
Megan Fox Gemma Atkinson Kelly Brook

Right, so this is simply an unfair poll. There is no way to pick among these three without quadruple guessing yourself. The only thing that helps save the day is that nobody reading this site will ever have a chance with one of these three. Hooray for hypotheticals. We argued pretty heavily over who in fact would get murdered, especially since we all chose Gemma to marry.


~M kills Megan Fox (I couldn’t kill Kelly Brook and Gemma is my future wife once this thing starts making money.)

-B kills Kelly Brook because he likes them a little dirty.

*K killed Megan Fox, but that was only the result of flipping a coin. When he actually tried to think about it, he passed out for an hour due to the mental stress. Enjoy.


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