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carla gugino yes please leighton_meester__hot minka-kelly-wow
Carla Gugino Leighton Meester Minka Kelly

I put Carla Gugino up against some younger models here because the women drips so much sexuality somebody should follow her with a mop. I have told friends, unprompted, that I would gladly shoot them for a date with her. Not in the face or anything, because obviously that would be a bit much. Minka Kelly is also is that group, and that was before she dated Derek Jeter. That puts her in a different stratosphere. As for Meester, I sort of feel bad for her because anybody photographed next to Blake Lively as much as she is probably has some kind of complex. It’s the same as what happened to Brad Pitt when me and him used to hang out. Cracked the poor guy up.


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