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Can we get a better term than ‘cougars’?

Demi_Moore elizabeth hurley 74392946TT014_CineVegas_Ope
Demi Moore Elizabeth Hurley Ellen Barkin

Why we would call any of these women a type of stupid cat is beyond me. I could care less about what anybody calls Demi Moore actually, but Ellen Barkin and Elizabeth Hurley are on my all time top 8 list of celebs I would like to disappoint in bed. (You leave a few spots open and then act like you are doing them a favor to let them on the list. That’s all a theory, but ‘Always be Prepared’ I never say.) Ellen Barkin in the movie Mercy is absurdly sexy. Plus she looks like a caricature of herself. I don’t know if that even makes sense. I just turned on Mercy and lost focus.

Anyway, Elizabeth Hurley was literally the most beautiful woman on the planet for a time. Since I haven’t gone on a tangent for two sentences, do people remember that Hugh Grant cheated on her?! That is, to this day, the dumbest thing I have ever heard in my life. That was probably what it was like, (not at all), when Mary Magdalene went back to whoring after she got with Jesus. That next dude must have been fun, but after that it was like, ‘What was I thinking??’

So I guess my point is that Elizabeth Hurley may be Jesus, so if you kill her in the poll it’s cool because she will just wake up in three days. Also I am mildly obsessed with Ellen Barkin. Enjoy your weekend.


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