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Dimensions- Finale

Ok, so here is the final with the three previous poll winners. I think this is a really solid finale because you have two favorites and Nadine as the Cinderella story. Cinderella if she was insanely hot with an amazing ass, but you get the point. I struggled more with who I would marry then anything else. Gemma Atkinson is my self-proclaimed future wife, but Emmanuelle Chriqui is stunning. That said, I will now be mercilessly ridiculed by my friends for saying a girl was stunning instead of focusing on how great a rack she has. Whatever you choose, this is our first set of ‘tournament’ winners and so this is official BMK history. If only some of you actually read what I wrote and didn’t just ogle the pictures before moving on to a porn site. Siiigh.


emmanuellechriqui final gemma-atkinson (1) nadine-velazquez-wow
Emmanuelle Chriqui Gemma Atkinson Nadine Velazquez

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