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Dimensions- Part III

I feel like I really failed in this one because I could not find a picture of Emmanuelle Chriqui that did her justice. She is almost too beautiful. You know her from Entourage; I know her from being the woman I always envisioned carrying over a threshold. Short of her having a Forrest Gump type IQ or similar anatomy to me, I don’t think there is anything she could ever do to make me not fawn over her. Then there are the other two chicks. I actually think Sophie Monk is pretty hot, but I would snuff that bitch 1,000 times before I game Emmanuelle a rude glance. Lombardo is from Californication and is absolutely hot, but again we are comparing a match to the sun. My friend told me I should stop leading people to the selections that I want. I punched him right in the stomach. Keep that in mind whilst selecting. (Next poll will be the Dimensions finale! Finished with some good news; I am the good cop and the bad cop.)


emmanuelle chriqui michelle lombardo hot sophie_monk_bikini

Emmanuelle Chriqui

Michelle Lombardo Sophie Monk

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