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Girls in Completely Unnatural Poses

I think I’ve seen one of these women before in my life, and I could really care less about what any of them do. I would sleep with Keeley Hazell if she had a bear trap between her legs. The one I do know is Cameron Richardson and, while she is obviously easy on the eyes, she was in Open Water II so I would kill her. I say that because I actually watched the whole thing and it was awful. She started out playing the young eye candy, but then got annoying and one dimensional. I heard she studied herself to prepare for the part. Arielle Kebbel sort of fits in well because I have strong feelings toward killing one and sex’ing one and could care less about marriage. That’s called art imitating life. I know so many people getting married now and every time I hear about it I resemble the cartoon characters right after they get an acme mallet to the skull. I sit there seeing cartoon stars and birds buzzing around. Pass on marriage. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go cry myself to sleep.


arielle kebbel hot cameron richardson keeley hazell
Arielle Kebbel Cameron Richardson Keeley Hazell

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