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Gisele gets the axe…

gisele-bundchen-topless heidi-klum-sexy marisa-miller-hot
Gisele Bundchen Heidi Klum Marisa Miller

…at least with the other two in the poll. I mean I get that she is attractive, but the other two are 11’s and have hotter pics. Gisele wouldn’t care about being last anyway. She is focusing all of her attention on her new baby that she is having with Tom Brady. (If you have watched the Patriots lately, you’d see that Tom Brady’s attention is elsewhere too. Go Giants/Jets!) That kid is probably going to be so perfect it ends up being the anti-christ. Half Hall of Fame QB and half Victoria’s Secret Model? Calvin Klein already has the kid booked until he’s 25. If they keep it up, the photo on their Christmas cards is going to look like the cast of 300. How the hell did she end up with Tom Brady and Heidi Klum got Seal. That Kiss from a Rose song was good, but not Heidi Klum good. Come to think of it, who is looking after Marisa Miller?…I’ve got to go. Enjoy.


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