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How do women not run the planet?

I don’t get it. Being the wiseass witty and confident guy that I am, I’m fairly immune to doing what a girl says just because she is hot. That is of course a lie. If any of these chicks told me to run into oncoming traffic while wearing what they are in these pics, you’d probably mistake me for Usain Bolt. Why haven’t women parlayed this into global domination? Forget the hags that fill governments; If Kate Beckinsale dressed up in her Van Helsing outfit (only good to come from that abomination) and then told the president she wanted to be in charge, it’d be done in minutes. Kelly Kapowski could have been on the dollar bill if she wanted to. I’d punch a baby if Blake Lively asked it of me. The reason that women haven’t put it together yet? Because they have smaller brains. Now lets look at these pics and enjoy the status quo.


kate-beckinsale christina derosa Tiffani_amber_Thiessen
Kate Beckinsale Christina Derosa Tiffani Amber Thiessen

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