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I should just quit after this one…

charisma-carpenter-hot Monica_Bellucci sexy Scarlett-Johansson-sexy
Charisma Carpenter Monica Bellucci Scarlett Johansson

I am sorry to do this to you. These pictures are just unfair to you regular looking people. Imagine being the guy who got with these chicks right before they hit it big? Like the High School BMOC who was dating them and then cheated with some chick who is now working at the local nail shop. I guess he still wins because he got to have rough sex make sweet love to one of these beauties, but still. This poll was easy for me to vote on because I have had all three of them, but I can’t imagine how long it will take you people. Even if I was a chick I would deliberate over this for hours. I have to go call CC, I mean Charisma, but have fun choosing what you would do with these dames.


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