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I’m already mad

keira-knightley-hot milla-jovovich-hot naomi-watts-hottt
Keira Knightley Milla Jovovich Naomi Watts

Why am I mad you ask? Because I found an insanely hot picture of Keira Knightley, but when you look at all the pictures of these three women, she is the least attractive. Now I understand that is just an opinion, but it is mine so it also happens to be the correct one. Dressed down, her boobs don’t look that good and she is built like a broom handle. Naomi Watts had a ton of good pictures and Milla Jovovich is just sexy. So I am mad because I have led you sheep straight down the wrong path and none of you are going to have the sense to turn around and go the right way. You people make me sick.


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