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Jessica Biel and some other chicks

Alyssa_Milano_hot jennifer-aniston jessica-biel-hot.II
Alyssa Milano Jennifer Aniston Jessica Biel

I don’t even know why I am bothering with putting other pictures next to Jessica Biel’s. I mean, I guess it was good to have Jennifer Aniston in there because you need to kill somebody. Still, Alyssa Milano becomes just an afterthought and that just isn’t right. She really grew in to a hot piece. Those chicks from the Facts of Life didn’t turn into anything, although ┬áMindie Kohn, the one who played Natalie, was the mom in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape. The girl from Different Strokes became some kind of crack whore. April O’Neill was fired after a scandalous relationship with one of her co-stars. Through it all though Alyssa Milano maintained her insane hotness, only to be a byline to Jessica Biel in this poll. I am ashamed of myself.


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