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Jessica Simpson should wear a helmet


“Still holding out hope despite the a–holes that say is it a dumb thing to do. Daisy is my baby … why would I stop searching? I’m a mom.” -Tweet from Jessica Simpson

I can normally just overlook the stupid ramblings of celebrities because I understand that looks and talent are two very different things and also because it doesn’t matter what me, Joe Nobody, thinks on such topics. Apparently, Jessica Simpson wants to prove I am a liar. If you didn’t know, her pet dog was picked up and carried off by a coyote the other day. She, or more specifically some poor s.o.b. not making nearly enough to work for this dullard, then went out and posted lost dog signs all over town. Surprisingly, a lot of people questioned the logic behind posting lost dog flyers when the dog was witnessed being carried away by a coyote. If it was taken by a cartoon coyote on an acme rocket and Jessica was a roadrunner, I would be confident in her being able to get the dog back. Late word was that while a birdbrain was involved, this was just a regular coyote.

Luckily Jessica is impervious to logic and obviously has a better grip on these tthings then the average person. That Tweet is what she recently posted in response to the rational public haters.┬áIf it were up to me, every person who thought that their pet entitles them to be called a mother would be tied up and…well probably left to read Jessica Simpson tweets. I feel bad that she lost her pet, but at some point you have to face facts.


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