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Kanye West = Jackass?

So by now you probably know what Kanye West did at the MTV VMA’s on Sunday night. Then he goes onto the new Jay Leno show last night, (Jay is pulling a Brett Favre apparently), and goes on to cry when asked by Jay what his mother would have said. It made it very clear why he makes music and doesn’t act, but for arguments sake, maybe that was the real Kanye and that guy Sunday night was just some Hennessy-Eyed monster…

Or maybe not. On his blog or twitter or the fan club he runs in support of himself, he said that he was sorry and then went and plugged Beyonce’s video again. This was as he was being booed for the initial comment while the awards were going on.

In a last ditch effort when I was 12, my parents enrolled me in a school¬†for arrogant little pricks. At that time the class was made up of me, Corey Feldman and Corey Haim. Anyway, the second day of class was spent with one of those big drill instructors that Maury Povich uses informing us that when you apologize for something asinine you said, you can’t work said asinine point into the apology! That is a golden rule at arrogant little prick academy. (In case you didn’t figure it out, I was the only one who passed the class. They made it a boarding school for Haim.)

The point here is that this dude is a punk. We have all known a bunch of them in our lives, just none that were good at making beats and were given carte¬†blanche when speaking in public. The President is even being reported to have called him a ‘Jackass‘. When you can’t deliver a believable apology while crying and talking about your deceased mother, you suck.


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