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This is what I figure Heaven is like…

brittany-daniel-hot Jessica_Alba_hot lacey chabert
Brittany Daniel Jessica Alba Lacey Chabert

I will obviously be going to heaven because I am hilarious and if there is one thing you can be sure of, God has a sense of humor. When I get there, which may be soon based on my drinking, I expect it to be filled with women who look like the three in this poll. I usually try and sway who people pick, but I don’t think you can go wrong here. I found one of the hottest pictures ever taken with Lacey Chabert. That will probably ensure she doesn’t get killed. Also know that Brittany Daniel has an identical twin sister. Tough to pick her to kill when you envision two of her.

If you haven’t put it together, I am trying to stack the deck here against Jessica Alba because she is probably top five on the list of Hottest Women Alive. I work for a small census bureau group that does those kinds of studies. I am the only one involved and invented it, but I still think it is legit.


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