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This poll comes with choice of an egg roll OR a can of soda

2-jarah-mariano_17 lucy_liu_hot maggie-q-hottie
Jarah Mariano Lucy Liu Maggie Q

Everybody in our house is not so secretly obsessed with Asian women, and in honor of that we bring you this poll. There really are no wrong answers here, as with other polls. There is no, say, Blake Lively involved here. Nobody that you should absolutely never kill. (I know who you are and I am coming for you). I would like to point out that while there are some younger models paired up here with Lucy Liu, she has f’ing freckles. Freckles on an Asian girl was originally going to be Superman’s weakness before some nerd came up with Kryptonite. I digress. Go pick out a shiny new geisha.


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