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Two chicks and Susan Ward

Susan Ward was in Shallow Hal and some Poison Ivy sequel and…who really cares? She is obscenely hot and I found two girls to sacrifice to die in a poll so as to have an excuse to post her picture. Shallow Hal was a smart movie though, at least through the first 5 minutes where Hal’s dad says to just chase beauty or something. I shut the movie off after that because Tony Robbins scares me and Jason Alexander, while I loved him as George, doesn’t need spray on hair and a stump/tail thing to be unattractive. Jack Black ends up with the fatty with a heart of butter over Susan Ward???

As if Hollywood got together and said, ‘We always cast beautiful people in implausible situations and maybe we need to send a message to the kids out there that this isn’t what life is like. Maybe we need to make a stand and show the public that inner beauty is important too. Lets make an important picture that gets that message out there!’ Then somebody brought in the figures showing how much Twilight made and they all laughed and laughed as they lit their cigars with $100 bills and gave us Shallow Hal to get the message of inner beauty out there. (Yes, I realize that timeline is way off). The point is that Jack Black should have ended up with Susan Ward and Hollywood people suck. If I wanted to see the average guy get the wildly below average girl, I could recall half my summer.


angela trimbur busy philipps Susan_Ward
Angela Trimbur Busy Philipps Susan Ward
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