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We have a dark horse in this one

Leslie Bibb is just naturally hot, which is refreshing. You could put her up against a woman with a great set of eyes boobs and I think she could still win.  I guess we will find out if that’s true because Holly Valance looks amazing and Amanda Peet shows her goods in half the movies she’s ever been in. I guess we’ll see just how superficial you people really are.  If you were getting Amanda Peet from The Whole Nine Yards, I’d say marry for sure. If it was her from Saving Silverman then kill would be locked up. This is really a complex little poll when you break it down. Like a fun wine, but instead of focusing on the subtle oak finish you are comparing Holly’s cleavage to Bibb’s smoking body. This really is a classy site.


amanda_peet holly valance leslie bibb
Amanda Peet Holly Valance Leslie Bibb

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