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Who had the worst hero movie?

To quantify the heading, I don’t blame these guys for their awful superhero films. I want to blame Affleck for his Boston fandom, but Chasing Amy is such a good movie he gets a pass. Also, nobody cares what I have to say. Back to the point, whoever made X-Men III and Spiderman III should be put in a locked room with a coked out Kathy Griffin. Those movies abandoned the entire comic/cartoon storyline and went off on the dumbest tangents I have ever seen; ones even worse then mine. The Phoenix subplot was offensively bad, the Venom subplot was absurd and Daredevil had a black Kingpin. I’m just using this platform to complain about the $30 that I got screwed out of. I should be doing 5-10 at Rikers to get a pounding like that. Anyway, I am a dork and here is a poll for the ladies. Women soon to follow.


ben_affleck hugh_jackman tobey_maguire
Ben Affleck Hugh Jackman Tobey Maguire

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