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Women always list ’sense of humor’…

jason_segel__1_ paul_rudd_98 seth_rogen_image
Jason Segel Paul Rudd Seth Rogen

…as being so damn important. Well put up or shut up. These guys are so damn funny I’d sleep with them if I wasn’t the quintessential heterosexual. Paul Rudd could tell me that an orphanage and a puppy factory (?) both just went up in flames and I would probably laugh. He’d be a sick bastard for delivering that news to a complete stranger in such a manner, but I’d forgive him. Observe and Report was one of the funniest movies I have ever seen and nobody even knows about it. Rogen would deserve an Oscar if the entire academy wasn’t so far up it’s own ass that the award is a joke. (Sean Penn is great. WE GET IT! Remember when epic films like the Godfather won? Now we see Shakespeare in Love beat Saving Private Ryan for best picture and Benicio Del Toro in Traffic beats Joaquin Phoenix in Gladiator for best supporting actor?? You have quite a set academy. Quiiite a set. Obviously those weren’t the most up to date references, but they still bug me.) Where the hell was I? Oh yea, Jason Segel is also hilarious and made Can’t Hardly Wait. So this poll is for the┬áenjoyment of everyone I guess. I am one helluva guy.


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